Phenovista Biosciences and Yokogawa Life Innovations Partner to Provide Biopharma Researchers With Higher-Quality Cell-Based Assay Options

SAN DIEGO, California – PhenoVista Biosciences (PhenoVista), a top provider of custom imaging-based phenotypic assay services, has entered into a collaboration with Yokogawa Life Innovations (Yokogawa), a leader in delivering high-content imaging and analysis solutions for the life sciences market to deliver high-content cell-based assay services for drug discovery.

High-content screening continues to gain traction in the drug discovery services industry, due to its ability to improve physiological relevance and predictive efficacy of drug candidates. These assays can be difficult to implement, requiring high levels of expertise and access to specialized instrumentation. Through their combined expertise in assay development, image acquisition, and quantitative analysis, PhenoVista and Yokogawa seek to provide an easier path to generate exceptional quality high-content cell-based assays.

To accomplish this, PhenoVista is adopting use of the analysis software CellPathfinder, Yokogawa’s flexible software solution for 2D and 3D high content. CellPathfinder works seamlessly with the confocal image cytometer CQ1 acquisition system to provide interactive and intuitive graphs for understanding the results of complex experiments. The interface, specially designed for inspecting multi-well plates, uses deep learning software for label-free bright field analysis and to identify cell phenotypes with the deep image response function. CellPathfinder, paired with CQ1, identifies interesting targets and acquires a high resolution second pass for further investigation of relevant biology of specific cells.

Expedited data acquisition and interpretation are critical to the drug discovery process, and Yokogawa’s CQ1 system and software bundle provides unprecedented access to analysis capabilities and interactive data observation. Designed to be easy to use and intuitive, the CQ1 workflow optimizes every step in the process, from image acquisition to data analysis.

“The Yokogawa Life Innovations group is excited to be selected by PhenoVista Biosciences to collaborate with their world-class team and provide PhenoVista’s biopharma customers with an industry-leading platform for rapid and accurate 3D image acquisition and analysis,” says Tom Quinlan, Vice President of Yokogawa Corporation of America. “Yokogawa anticipates that cooperative efforts with PhenoVista’s high-content imaging and assay development experts will result in 3D modeling advances that provide increased value to their customers.”

Ray Price, Vice President of Business Development at PhenoVista Biosciences, is equally optimistic about the alliance. “We chose to work with Yokogawa because of their leadership in the imaging space, as well as the capabilities, ease of use, and value of their instrumentation and software. While we already offer access to a broad set of 2D and 3D cell-based assay and fluorescence microscopy services, partnering with Yokogawa to offer access to their instrumentation and analysis capabilities expands our portfolio in the space, on a platform that is quickly becoming a lab favorite!”

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About Yokogawa Life Innovation

Yokogawa formally launched its life innovation business in FY2018 with the aim of contributing to the achievement of well-being for all, one of Yokogawa’s “Three Goals” for sustainability. In this business, the company develops platforms for the effective utilization of human intelligence in research related to life sciences, biotech, and pharmaceutical and foodstuff production processes through high-level linking with information from observation and measurement, and autonomous control utilizing the results of analysis of this information. Along with its customers, the business aims to enable a world of Bio Industrial Autonomy. For more information, please visit and follow on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

Kevin Jan
Business Development
Yokogawa Life Innovations

About PhenoVista Biosciences

PhenoVista Biosciences is the leading provider of custom imaging-based phenotypic assay services. With a collaborative and scientifically driven project design and management approach, PhenoVista has a proven track record of delivering high-quality data from robust and scalable assays. PhenoVista’s key advantage lies in the ability of their industry-trained scientists to combine world-class understanding of diverse biological systems with cutting-edge quantitative imaging to deliver clear, actionable output data. For more information, please visit Follow PhenoVista on  LinkedInTwitter, and Facebook.


Raymond Price, PhD
VP, Business Development
PhenoVista Biosciences, LLC


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