Mitochondrial Health

The link between Mitochondrial Health and disease has been well-documented and is increasingly a focus of the drug discovery industry.


Measure effects of stressors and protective agents on mitochondria structure.


Human epithelial cells pre-treated with putative protective agents then acutely stressed via application of a metabolic perturbant such as FCCP.


The multiplexed imaging approach enables structural changes to be quantified alongside measurements of mitochondrial membrane potential as well as other functional, pathway or cell health readouts.

Mitochondrial Health: Fission/Fusion


Using a combination of structural (Hoechst, blue; CoxIV, green) and functional (Mitotracker CMXros, red) markers, our analyses are able to quantify perturbation of mitochondrial health both in terms of mitochondrial fission as well as loss of membrane potential as increasing doses of the decoupling agent CCCP are added. 

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