Imaging. Automation. Analysis.

We combine the best automated confocal imaging with scalable liquid handling and insightful informatics.



Quantitative Imaging

Automated microscopy including the latest confocal systems with integrated image analysis provides the backbone to our services. We use imaging backed up by statistics to give you unparalleled insight into the biological systems you study.

Primary & Stem cell derived Cultures

While we do offer screens using more traditional cell lines, we prefer to take the extra time and effort to develop powerful, physiologically relevant assays using the most representative cell models possible.

That’s why we use carefully Quality Controlled human primary cells wherever possible and stem cell derived cultures from reputable providers such as Cellular Dynamics International.

Tissue-matched Substrate Stiffness

We are the only certified provider of screening services using Matrigen’s Softwell® technology. We’ll work with you to use this powerful platform technology to understand a variety of processes including cell traction, differentiation, tissue formation and differential drug effects.

Liquid Handling Automation

We use state-of-the art liquid handling automation provided by BioSero. These custom capabilities enable us to keep costs down while achieving highly precise reagent dispensing. Moreover, we house our liquid handling in BL2 cabinets so that long-term cultures can be achieved routinely with little to no chance of contamination.

Insightful Informatics® geared to your Audience

Phenotypic screening can generate large and complex datasets rife with image analysis jargon. We handle that for you. As biologists with industry experience, we have a good idea of what is relevant and what is not. We’ll make the data palatable to the audience you are presenting to whether it be colleagues in your own department, members of the medicinal chemistry team, or executive management.