Imaging is uniquely positioned as a platform technology to measure uptake of molecules into cells and track their localization to specific subcellular compartments.


Uptake & Subcellular Localization

Pick your cell type of interest and we’ll work with you to design an assay to quantify uptake of your biomolecule, whether it is nucleic acid, antibody, peptide, protein-based or something completely different. Measure the kinetics of bulk uptake into single or co-cultures. Observe and quantify the distribution of your biomolecule within each cell. Understand trafficking and degradation pathways unique to your biology.

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Uptake in human primary epithelial cells. Cells were exposed to a mix of two fluorescently-labeled biomolecules (shown in yellow and pink) for 3 hours. Uptake and subcellular localization to the nuclear compartment (labeled with Hoechst shown in blue) was measured using high content screening (HCS).

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