We specialize in use of human primary tissues and routinely differentiate progenitors into cell types such as adipocytes and myotubes.

Using human primary cell types enables us to make the most physiologically-relevant imaging-based assays for your phenotypic drug discovery needs.


Primary Cell Assays

Human Primary cell assays

A wide variety of well-characterized and quality controlled human tissues are now available from a variety of commercial sources. We work closely with our primary cell supplies to secure consistent batches of cells for your project.

There are a variety of human and model organism primary cell types that we work with routinely. These include adipocytes, myotubes, astrocytes (human), neurons (rat), endothelial cells, keratinocytes, melanocytes, and several types of immune cells.

The example image to the right shows human primary myotubes (green) differentiated in 384 well plates over a 10 day period.

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