Synapses are the building blocks of neural circuits. Multiplexed imaging enables measurement of synaptic junctions in parallel with readouts directly related to cellular health.

Our suite of human iPS-based neuronal assays include models of disease such as ALS and Parkinson's Disease.


Human Neuronal Assays

Human iPS-neurons are extremely sensitive to their microenvironment. Even small changes in substrate chemistry affect their propensity to attach and spread consistently.

As for most imaging-based assays, it is critical that cells are well attached and evenly dispersed across the culture surface. Even more so when quantifying the intricate network of neurites and their micron-level puncta.

At Phenovista, we’ve developed proprietary well coatings that maximize neuron attachment and outgrowth in 384 well plates.

Learn how we quantify synapse formation in human iPS-derived neurons >>>


The left panel shows Hoechst (blue) and Tuj1-stained (green) human iPS-derived neurons grown on a standard culture surface. The right panel shows the same cells grown on Phenovista’s proprietary culture surface optimized for neuronal cultures.