Synapses are the building blocks of neural circuits. Multiplexed imaging enables measurement of synaptic junctions in parallel with readouts directly related to cellular health.

Our suite of human iPS-based neuronal assays include models of disease such as ALS and Parkinson's Disease.


IPSC-Based Neuronal Assays

Synapse Formation

Our assays measure synapse formation in complex neuronal networks using high resolution imaging and sophisticated image analysis algorithms. We use a combination of structural and functional markers to delineate neuron structure and quantify synapse formation.

Effective synapse formation requires several weeks of careful culture using media with a proprietary blend of nutrients and growth factors. Our scientists have optimized these conditions so that neuronal networks are formed consistently and more rapidly than conventional methods.

Using our system-level approach we are able to generate data quickly and with higher statistical robustness.

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Sophisticated Analysis of Human Disease Models

We work with academic collaborators and commercial providers to source iPS cells from individuals with diseases including Multiple Sclerosis, Schizophrenia and Autism. If there is a disease or disorder that you would like us to develop a functional neuronal screen for, please contact us.

Disease-specific assays include measurements of markers directly related to the mechanisms underlying the pathology.

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