We have a huge array of assays and some really exciting technology. The majority of our reagents are interchangeable allowing us to mix and match as needed. Let us know what your dream assay is and we'll get to work on it!


Custom Assay Services

Customize or Build-your-own

Every assay we perform is either built from scratch or is customized to the clients specifications.

We don’t force you to fit your scientific goals into a cookie-cutter off-the-shelf assay – for us, that’s not how real discovery happens.

We design all our assays using standardized methods and quality-controlled reagents. This allows us to mix and match components such as cell types, antibodies and substrates whenever needed. If one of our assays doesn’t quite match your needs, just let us know – we would love the opportunity to work with you.

Or, if you have something completely different in mind just let us know. We are routinely developing new assays for our clients and their diverse therapeutic areas.

We like a challenge, it makes us better at our job – get in touch and let us know your thoughts.

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Working with Phenovista

We believe very strongly in a collaborative relationship with our clients.

Here is a typical series of steps that you might expect when working with us:

One Explore our online resources to learn about what we do and how we do it
Two Contact us to talk about your ideas and needs
Three Legal paperwork is put in place (typically a 2-way NDA so that discussions can be fully open)
Four A detailed scientific discussion takes place either in person or via conference call
Five Our team researches the scientific literature based on your guidance and drafts a project plan
Six A follow-up discussion is held to review the project plan and it is refined as needed
Seven A detailed project plan with costs and payment structure is provided
Eight The project is initiated via a down-payment to cover start-up materials
Nine Regular communication via phone, email and in-person occurs during the project
Ten The project is completed and all deliverables presented and reviewed with the client

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